Create Your Vision With Our Designers

This is where you determine if we are the right fit for you. There will be an initial site visit where you can meet your designer, find the functionality of your space, and discuss your budget. You and the designer will have the opportunity to ask lots of questions. If you decide we are the right fit for your project, the designer will summarize, integrate, and finalize the design plan to match the vision you discussed in the first meeting.


• Architectural Integration: plantings harmonized with building style for total aesthetic effect
• Personal Expression: the realization of an artistic vision, exploiting extraordinary plantings and hardscape designs add livable outdoor square footage with plants and structures for entertaining, cooking, swimming, meditating, etc.

The Preparation

Now is time to prepare for your project. If you purchased a full landscape design, you will have final sign-off on the design saying you are completely happy with the vision for your new yard.  This is also a great time to ensure everyone is on the same page. A 50% deposit is required at this time.   Materials are ordered, your yard is prepared for the build, and we will let you know what you and your neighbors can expect from the Shamrock team.


New landscapes are like people: singular and unique. For us, every project is a new beginning. No templates, no recycling of previous designs. Our experienced team of designers, horticulturalists, project managers and crew will work to understand what a beautiful landscape means to you.

The Build

This is the exciting part; we build your vision! Before any work is done there is a review of the design on-site with your designer, project manager, crew, and yourself. Our crew will notify the neighbors that we are working in the area and materials will start to arrive. Communication is key so the designer and the foreman work together to keep you informed throughout the build. Final adjustments are made and the final walk through occurs to ensure you are still thrilled with your investment.


Installation is an earthy, practical process where plans become reality. We quote carefully, execute on time, and work with the highest quality materials and craftspeople. Focused attention and quiet professionalism render a finished project as you dreamed it.

Your Vision Realized

Sit back, relax, and enjoy! This is when the warranty process begins. Our aftercare specialist will help with the new plants during the current season as well as assess your yard in the following spring so we can replace any trees, or shrubs that didn’t make it through their first winter.


The Shamrock warranty program covers our customers for one growing year, ensuring plants that aren’t doing well are replaced.

Living in Chicagoland, we only have a short number of days to enjoy the outdoors, so make the most of them with Shamrock Hardscapes & Landscaping.